Our Promise

At Project Babe we pride ourselves in healing, educating and empowering women. We guarantee 100% of donations go towards the women and children we help. Our hope is to make a difference in the lives of as many survivors as possible, while also raising community awareness. 

Tax Deductions

Project Babe is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation founded in Miami, Florida. All donations made to Project Babe are tax-deductible. 


Fall Donations

Christmas for our girls is coming up and we need your help! 

In the coming months all donations will be used to purchase gifts and supplies for the girls at the Pace Center for Girls in Miami. We know how important spreading the joy of Christmas is and we want every girl to feel the excitement of unwrapping a gift. On top of that, to show our support to the Pace Center for Girls and all that they do, we will be gathering school supplies to help them continue with the school year.

To learn more about Pace Center for Girls and their mission, please read below!

If you'd like to purchase items to donate, please view the list of items below or our wishlist on amazonand contact us by email so that we can arrange for pick up.


Other Ways to Get Involved


We'd like to thank you in advance for thinking of us and helping us make a difference in the futures of Women & Children everywhere.

Please send all emails about getting involved to 

*All donated toys and supplies must be in original packaging. 

*Woman's Circle must be in partnership with Project Babe- please email us for goodies and promotional content.