Black Mama's Day Bail Out

This mothers day, what better way to celebrate than by taking a step towards revolution. The Miami based collective, Fempower, is taking a stand against the gross disparities and oppressive tendencies of our prison justice system by bailing out black mothers.

Through fundraising, events, and generous donations of both time and money, the organization seeks to educate their community on the issues with our prison system, while bailing out black mothers, and organizing legal assistance and programs for them moving forward.

We are almost programmed to criminalize poor prisoners although our justice system states “innocent until proven guilty” but more and more we see the only group that actually gets to enjoy that privilege is the wealthy and fair skinned. Poverty is a tool of capitalism and criminalized harshly when we do not take a stand.

These mothers are not afforded visitation with their children in most cases, and even nursing mothers are forbidden from pumping to nourish their youth.

How can you help?


Any amount will help us bail more mothers out. If you cannot donate, please share:

Spread Awareness

Educate yourself on the injustices so that you can break the stigmas that follow poverty stricken individuals in the prison system.

Learn more:

Refer public defenders

We are in desperate need of attorneys and public defenders in the miami-dade area. If you know someone that may be able to help the cause please pass. The email to them.