70 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

It's not always easy to find time for yourself. In a recent study, researchers found that women in the United States have less leisure time than men- about five hours less per week in homes without children. In homes with children under 18 at home, the gap narrows to three hours.

We tend to think of leisure as a luxury. When time gets tight, it’s usually the first thing to go. But having enough downtime is actually a necessity for optimal coping and thriving. In fact, lack of adequate time for rest, relaxation and personal interests may be one reason that U.S. women report feeling more stressed than their male counterparts.

Below are 70 easy and (mostly) quick ways to practice self care. 

  1. Burn your favorite candle
  2. Take a long hot bath
  3. Go for a walk in the park
  4. Make a gratitude list
  5. Bake your favorite dessert
  6. Get a manicure & pedicure
  7. Deep condition your hair
  8. Buy your favorite perfume
  9. Do a face mask
  10. Buy yourself some flowers
  11. Treat yourself to a facial
  12. Do a digital detox unplug
  13. Declutter your space
  14. Invest in a good bra
  15. Wear a high SPF
  16. Don't put yourself down
  17. Forgive others
  18. Get rid of toxic people
  19. Go on an intense hike
  20. Practice mindfulness
  21. Listen to your favorite playlist
  22. Get outside in the sun
  23. Go on a lunch date with your grandmother
  24. Take your mom to dinner
  25. Binge watch your favorite show
  26. Invite your best friend over
  27. Do something that brings you joy
  28. Go to an art museum
  29. Find some live music to listento
  30. Go to your favorite restaurant with a loved one
  31. Sleep in for a couple of hours
  32. Spend the whole day with your pet
  33. Learn a new skill
  34. Plan a weekend getaway
  35. Read your favorite book
  36. Meditate
  37. Get out of your comfort zone
  38. Help someone with a small task
  39. Take yourself on a date
  40. Splurge a little
  41. Check in with your emotions
  42. Get positive feedback. Ask four friends to tell you what they love about you
  43. Inhale your favorite smell
  44. Make a small healthy change
  45. Go dancing
  46. Laugh it out
  47. Do something selfish. Do one thing just for you
  48. Avoid triggers
  49. Put on clean fresh pajamas and climb into bed
  50. Diffuse your favorite essential oils
  51. Stretch or get into a yoga class
  52. Have a picnic in the park
  53. Do some drawing or writing
  54. Work toward something that inspires you
  55. Treat yourself to a massage
  56. Have a girls night in
  57. Watch a stand-up comedy
  58. Call someone you love
  59. Recite positive affirmations
  60. Try a healthy new recipe
  61. Make a vision board
  62. Get up really early, climb the nearest hill and watch the sunrise
  63. Write a love letter to yourelf
  64. Have a hot cup of tea
  65. Surround yourself with amazing people
  66. Learn how to say no
  67. Check in with yourself regularly
  68. Gift your inner child
  69. Create a safe place
  70. Reflect on your accomplishments