Personal Protection Orders

What is a Personal Protection Order?

A personal protection order, or PPO, is an order issued by the Circuit Court. It can protect you from being hit, threatened, harassed, or stalked by another person. The PPO may also stop someone from coming into your home or bothering you at work. It can stop them from buying a firearm or finding your address through school records. It can also stop them from taking your minor children unless required by the court.

What should I bring?

  • A letter telling the court what has been going on. Make sure to tell them everything. Include dates and details the best you can.

  • Police reports, medical records, photographs, or witnesses if you can get them.

  • Any information about the abuser - current address, date of birth or age, hair color, eye color, height, weight, address, Social Security number, or driver's license number.

  • Any court papers you have if you can get them. For example, custody and/or parenting time orders, lease agreement, divorce papers, or criminal case records.


Where can I get a PPO?

Read information about obtaining personal protection orders in your state here.