Change the Conversation, Change the Culture

This campaign aims to raise money to fund a series of satirical short films in the hopes to lend a voice to those that have experienced sexual assault and harassment and have been swept under the rug. These stories focus on the language used in rape culture and the effect it has on survivors and society. To help be a part of the change, please visit Project Consent.

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Special Thanks to Dodge College of Film and Media Arts @ Chapman University.


The clip from the poem you just watched was written by survivor and actress, Abigail Breslin. She wrote this poem because she wanted to lend her voice to those that have been through what she has. According to the NCADV, 1 in 4 women have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. This daunting fact and Abigail's story inspired us to start this campaign and shed light on the others just as brave as she is. 

To watch the full poem and see the strength in her words, please visit


Project Consent is a global platform working towards dismantling rape culture, combating sexual assault, and changing the conversation surrounding it through education and support. We utilize social media to offer support for survivors and create multi-media campaigns and partnerships that work towards our mission in multiple ways. We also provide resources for those that want to make a difference in their own community and hope that by doing this we can create a world-wide support system for survivors everywhere.

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Our filmmakers are setting out to create a series of shorts that are more than just your average narrative film. These are stories that need to be told. These are stories that give a voice to sexual assault survivors that have been silenced all these years. Our films are important because they show the world the truth about rape culture and how it has managed to prosper for so long, even with a number of people fighting against it.

We have four short stories to tell. One takes place in a courtroom, one in a fraternity house, one in a men's locker room, and one in a technological reality. They all involve conversations that are real and happen without you even realizing it. 


In order to give you all a better understanding of where our $12,500 budget is going, we broke it down into the pie chart for you below. Whatever money is left over will go directly into supporting Project Consent's mission to end sexual assault.  

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: You can donate any amount. You do not have to choose a perk if you want to donate different amounts.


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