Our Mission

 Project Babe is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on healing, educating and empowering survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Founded March 2018 in Miami, Project Babe is determined to make it possible for women and children to speak on their experiences, share their stories and heal together. We hope to share conversations, raise awareness and connect with women all over the world, while helping aid them throughout the healing process.

Project Babe was founded on the belief that standing together is better than standing alone, sharing is better than holding it all in, and healing is a necessary step towards a better future. 

Approximately 20 people experience abuse every minute. Intimate partner violence doesn't discriminate, anyone can be a victim, anyone can need our help.

Project Babe is meant to be a community for survivors as well as all women. It's your shoulder to lean on, your friend, your support system. We encourage you to share when you're ready and to heal with us.

We're inspired by the strength and courage of women and children. We know that together, we can make a difference and remove the stigma behind sexual assault and domestic violence. We strive to empower survivors through nonprofit donations, community events and women's voices.


The Work

Our mission is clear, by creating a community of empowerment for women and children who have experienced abuse, we help bring them one step closer to healing.

In the first six months, we have laid a strong foundation for community awareness and survivor healing. Our donors have not only helped us deliver toys, diapers, clothes and school supplies to over 600 children, but also groceries, supplies for personal hygiene and mental health to over 500 women.

Our Mother's Day campaign helped us celebrate 200 mothers living in a homeless shelter in Miami, FL. Our sponsors for Mother's day, Passion Planner and Pamela Wasabi, gifted 200 yearly planners and vegan, organic cookies- while our donors helped us put together body wash and self care packages, all collectively delivered in reusable, organic, canvas totes.

We did it again for Christmas with our Extravaganza for the Pace Center for Girls.

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