Bi-monthly missions

Our bimonthly missions aid other nonprofit organizations in supplying necessities for women and their dependents as they go through the healing process and begin their lives in safe spaces.

All donations from now until the end of February will be used to create welcome kits for the women seeking shelter at The Lodge in Miami. All women living there have escaped abusive situations and are looking to start over. Our welcome kits will help them have the essentials to get back on their feet and take care of their children. We have a goal of $1500 to make this happen.

Current mission

Welcome bags for The Lodge


123 Demo Street
Manhattan, NY 12345



A monthly gathering for women in the community to discuss ideas, empower each other, heal and learn. Each event has a theme encouraging conversation and finding comfort in their surroundings. All profits from the Gather event series directly benefit the current mission.

Coming up

February Date to be Announced Soon!




I am wellness

A blog dedicated to helping women find self-love through a variety of articles and opinions. The blog is curated by influential and empowering women who share their ways of life, balancing business and personal time, as well as tips to show some love to the woman in the mirror.


Ongoing donations

Our efforts never stop. Often times we help women in emergency situations and need items for them outside of our monthly missions. We have an ongoing need for these important items and our Amazon wishlist is consistently being updated.



How to Help?

Any item from our Amazon Wishlist would be extremely appreciated and helpful.